Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles in addition to renewable energy generation and storage. The company also provides vehicle service centers, supercharger station, and self-driving capability. Tesla operates through Automotive, and Energy Generation and Storage segments. The Automotive segment includes the design, development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles. The Energy Generation and Storage segment includes the design, manufacture, installation, sale, and lease of stationary energy storage products and solar energy systems, and sale of electricity generated by its solar energy systems to customers.... Show more
Segments: Automotive; Energy Generation and Storage
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Tesla products overview for Q2 2019

🤖 Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Features

In Q2 Tesla launched Navigate on Autopilot in new regions including Europe and China. Tesla also made progress in Enhanced Summon, which allows your car to drive you. Tesla's new Full Self-Driving computer, which is ~21x faster than the previous version, has been in production since Q2.

🚘 Model 3

In Q2, Model 3 deliveries reached an all-time record. The car once again was the best-selling premium vehicle in the US, outselling all of its gas-powered equivalents combined. In Europe, Model 3 is approaching sales levels of established premium competitors. More than 60% of Model 3 trade-ins are non-premium brands, indicating a larger total addressable market for this product than initially expected.

🚙 Model S/X

Model S and Model X production continues to run on a single shift schedule, and Tesla produced over 14,500 vehicles in Q2. Tesla's deliveries increased sequentially to 17,722 as the company continues to prioritize inventory reduction. As a result, Tesla's total new car inventory levels have fallen to just 18 days of sales.

🏭 Gigafactory Shanghai

In Q2 Tesla started moving machinery into the facility for the first phase of production. The facility will have a capacity of 150,000 units per year. Given Chinese customers bought well over a half million mid-sized premium sedans last year, this market poses a strong long-term opportunity for Tesla. The company aims to start production in China by the end of 2019.

🚘 Model Y

Preparations for Model Y production in Fremont began in Q2. Tesla is making progress managing Model Y cost with only a minimal cost premium expected over Model 3. Due to the large market size for SUVs, as well as higher ASPs, Tesla believes Model Y will be a more profitable product than the Model 3.

⚡️ Energy

Powerwall and Powerpack deployment grew by 81% in the second quarter to a record 415 MWh. Powerwalls are now installed at more than 50,000 sites. Additional cell supply combined with the new module line designed by Tesla Grohmann enabled a step change in energy storage production.

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Tesla Model Y Unveil

Model Y is an all-electric, mid-size SUV designed for maximum versatility and safety. Model Y will start at $39,000 for the Standard Range version, and will also come in Long Range, Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, and Performance variants.

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